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Labor Day Weekend has been much anticipated by me. I wish I could say cooler weather, but here in Florida it has been humid and rainy and that will really not desist for awhile.
 So I guess what I am looking forward to is a a productive season of painting and working on my social media, which I am just really able to get a grip on.  So much to learn...

One of my latest works isThunderheads.I walk on the beach each morning before the sun warms things up and/or the thunderstorms begin. One morning in particular the thunderheads on the horizon warned of the kind of day ahead.

16x20 oil on canvas signed original painting by artist Lois Bajor.
Done in shades of blue and grey.
Can be purchased at Loisbajor .com
or contact me by email
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Usually don't like to start celebrating Christmas season early but this year I got a beautiful birthday surprise.  A good friend presented me with a pink poinsettia.  It is beautiful and fragile.  My friend is a flower lover and she said she wish she had bought one for herself. 

As a thank you I painted her a picture of her beautiful gift.  The painting could never be as beautiful as God's creation.  It is my humble thank you for this early start to Christmas.    SHOP/GALLERY


The fabric from my new Fabric Line (soon to be announced) arrived and I was going to sew it into a sample upholstry piece this morning. The electric light bulb on my very old sewing machine did not turn on, I changed the bulb and than I discovered there was no power to the machine. Opened the machine up and low and behold the plastic socket had broken in two. Time to glue the pieces together. It was one of those rare moments when I had everything I needed to proceed, a new light bulb, gorilla glue and a small pliers.
Being creative means being able to cope with unexpected problems that seem miles removed from issues of your first creative impulse.  How did I get so far from just designing fabric? Why were the things I needed available without a trip to the store?
Years of creative experience and just plain luck I suppose.


Got an early Birthday present and did not know what to do with it. "Mixed Media by Pebeo Paint".
There were no directions, instructions? So I watched some u-tube  videos and than was even more perplexed.
I did the only thing left to do and started to play. Here is the conclusion I came to. They are all oil based. Vitrail is translucent and like a lacquor. Ceramic is opaque and a lacquor. Prisms is irridescent. Moon Fantasy is pearlized.
I used a paint and drip Technique on a used plastic coffee canister. The photos show the results.

 I marbelized the top of the cap and just had fun painting nautilus swirls over a base coat on the sides. .Each coat took 24 hrs to dry. Than I dripped paint from the top rim. So this project took 3 days to complete.
I like the results and for my next project I am looking for a lazy susan to move the paint on a flat surface.
Every once in a while I need to expand my horizons.

10/1/2017 0 Comments Yesterday I gave a new friend a birthday present. I painted this picture a long time ago. I didn't know what inspired me and to tell the truth I had forgotten about it. As I was preparing photos of pictures for my website. This pastel on paper emerged from my files. There it was! The perfect picture for my friend's birthday present. My friend has a house full of hatboxes, antiques, treasures and beautiful possessions. She likes to surround herself with memories. How did I know that someday I would find the perfect person for this still life of  Hatbox and Rose? Why does this surprise me. There will
be someone who will see in a painting something they value. What attracts me to paint a subject? A really good question. 0 Comments Humming Along 9/29/2017 0 Comments Painting in Progress
 Had a good day in the studio yesterday, most Thursdays I paint with a friend. She is a lovely person who wanted to learn to paint bec…