Yesterday my 14 month old granddaughter  learned to color with crayons, it wasn't something we anticipated, it was a little bit amazing. My daughter invited us to breakfast with Santa along with the nanny and her husband and another another couple with a tiny baby.

 Our table was parallel to a table that had been set up for creative activity, there were crayons and glitter and glue and little buttons and Christmas cards , the children were supposed to design the blank interior. Our beautiful little girl was watching the other children gathering at the table busy, busy, busy, so she got off her mothers lap, walked over and observed with wide eyed innocence.
I sensed she wanted to participate but did not know where to begin. I gave her little blank card crayon for each hand and then tried to guide her hand a little bit to show her the effect of having a crayon can leave color on the paper. Her grip of the crayons was a little tenuous but she immediately grasped the cause and effect…


It's cooler now, I complained all summer about the heat and humidity but I'm startingto realize going to the beach in cooler weather is less interesting. Everything appears clear and sharp and really not that good for an impressionist kindof a painting, not that I'm strictly impressionist but I like that feeling when the moisture is in the in the air and the light from the eastern sunrise (I’m on the west coast of Florida) gets tossed around on the clouds and horizon at the beach.  Guess I sound like an ingrate but the painter part of me is really starting toappreciate the availability of a different beach every day. Now that the clarity is here and the humidity isn't here anymore, I don't get a new vision of the same beach.Borrrrring, as one of my grand daughters would say. Guess I’m a complainer. Maybe Ireally miss the 4 seasons of the northeast. Here in this warmer climate subtleties are what I have to focus on. That is probably what you call growth. Like it or n…


The subject of creative blocks came up this morning when I was talking with friends. All creatives have them occasionally,it's a matter of how we frame them that can cause feelings of defeat or anxiety in us. My friend used the words "I can't stop procrastinating". I thought "okay", but I heard somewhere that procrastinating is such a desparageing term, to put it more positively the phrase “period of incubation” shines some light on this seemingly unproductive time. This works for me and is so much more positive. When I let my subconscious and my muse get together there is always the next great project be it related to art or any other problem that needs a solution.Keeping and acquiring a good stock of reference photos is a constant source ofinspiration to me. There should never be a time when I have nothing to paint,it's just a matter of how am I going to approach this and the necessity of doing preliminary work and conscious planning. Percolating idea…
CREATIVE PROCESS AND LIVING A HEALTHY LIFE A simple walk on the beach at sunrise, I don't like the exercise but I bring my phone and I have my camera available to take pictures of the things that are different today than they were yesterday, Color, birds,human activity, whatever strikes my fancy. My photos inform and inspire my work. They provide reference material that is unique to me. Doing original work is simplified when you have a large file to draw from. If there were ten artists on the beach each would have brought something different back to their studio. PURE MAGIC!


Last weekend was the autumnal equinox in other words fall is here, but let's face it, this is Florida. I
usually walk on the beach in the morning at sunrise (it’s cooler than).

We had the most glorious sunrises all summer real inspiration for my painting, but now the storm clouds are scarcer. The moon is still in the sky in the morning and the sun is in a different position when it comes up it doesn't make for a beautiful sunrise at least not right now ,maybe things will change.
Don’t get me wrong,I'm not hoping for more stormy weather but something is missing here. I have become dependent on the sunrise for inspiration. Imagine if I was on the east coast?


Labor Day Weekend has been much anticipated by me. I wish I could say cooler weather, but here in Florida it has been humid and rainy and that will really not desist for awhile.
 So I guess what I am looking forward to is a a productive season of painting and working on my social media, which I am just really able to get a grip on.  So much to learn...

One of my latest works isThunderheads.I walk on the beach each morning before the sun warms things up and/or the thunderstorms begin. One morning in particular the thunderheads on the horizon warned of the kind of day ahead.

16x20 oil on canvas signed original painting by artist Lois Bajor.
Done in shades of blue and grey.
Can be purchased at Loisbajor .com
or contact me by email


Usually don't like to start celebrating Christmas season early but this year I got a beautiful birthday surprise.  A good friend presented me with a pink poinsettia.  It is beautiful and fragile.  My friend is a flower lover and she said she wish she had bought one for herself. 

As a thank you I painted her a picture of her beautiful gift.  The painting could never be as beautiful as God's creation.  It is my humble thank you for this early start to Christmas.    SHOP/GALLERY